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I got tagged from

You must post the rules!
Answer the questions the tagger set for you to answer
You have to choose 11 people to tag, and post their icons in your journal
Page and tell them you tagged 'em
No tag backs!
No "If your reading this your tagged, herp dur derp
You legitimately have to tag 11 people!

1. What anime do you like best?
I love Card Captor Sakura, but I prefer it in manga. My favourite anime is Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (Usui, I love you)

2. What is your favorite animal?
I love all animals. My favourite could be... rabit :3

3. What is your favorite food?
Cocolate ice-cream! hahaha

4. What day of the week is your favorite?
Friday, because I go to high school and I go out with my friends before.

5. yaoi or yuri?
... neither.

6. What is your favorite vocaloid?
Emm... I love Miku's hair and Rin ^-^

7. What scares you?
Spiders !!!

8. What is your favorite song?
Emmm... difficult decision... I love I've got you (McFly)
In general I like all songs of McFly

9. Favorite game?
Mario Kart. I don't play much.

10. Tell me something!
I've been doing a fanart of the hunger games and some very nice photos of Alice in Wonderland ^^
I don't know that more tell you... have cold ^^'

Now my questions!
1. Since when you draw? / ¿Desde cuándo dibujas?
2. What do you prefer, traditional or digital? Why? / ¿Qué prefieres, tradicional o digital? ¿Por qué?
3. What color is your hair? / ¿De qué color es tu pelo?
4. What would your perfect day? / ¿Cómo sería tu día perfecto?
5. Do you like wild animals or domestic? / ¿Te gustan los animales salvajes o los domésticos?
6. Day or night / Día o noche
7. Your favorite movie / Tu película favorita.
8. Your favorite month and why / Tu mes favorito y por qué
9. Type of music you like / Tipo de música que te gusta
10. Write something nice / Escribe algo bonito
11. Tell me something!

Now i tag:…

Perdón, no sé poner la foto ^^'
Sorry, I don't know put the photo ^^'
  • Listening to: Safe and Sound (BSO The Hunger Games)
  • Reading: releyendo "En Llamas"
  • Eating: sanwich *w*
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April 6, 2012


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